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Closed. Opens Monday at 10:00 AM


If you need a great used truck in Blacktop, Ohio, or nearby, Cambridge Truck is your perfect destination. Choose from a premier selection of used Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, RAM, and Toyota trucks at Cambridge Truck. We're a trusted dealership serving Blacktop region, and beyond.

About Blacktop

Nestled in the heart of Ohio, Blacktop thrives on a robust trucking culture that has become an intrinsic part of its identity. Beyond the serene landscapes that grace this charming locale, the true heartbeat of Blacktop lies in the rhythmic symphony of thundering truck engines. This resonating sound is more than just noise; it symbolizes a collective passion for power, resilience, and the freedom of the open road.

Cambridge Truck aligns with this passion, making it the hub for amazing truck deals. We serve both personal and business needs with varied options in Blacktop, Ohio. We assure top performance and value for your investment.

Are You Planning to Buy a Used Vehicle Near Blacktop?

  • Gas Trucks

Know the power and efficiency a diesel truck can add to your life? Not offering just a purchase, but a lifestyle fit for those in and around Blacktop, Ohio. Enjoy exceptional towing capacity and fuel efficiency. Our durable diesel truck selection can empower your lifestyle. Visit our selections and discover the potential of owning a diesel truck.

  • Diesel Trucks

Cambridge Truck appreciates the allure of diesel trucks. These vehicles offer immense towing power, fuel efficiency, and a long lifespan. Our collection highlights this passion for hardy performance. Our diesel trucks are versatile. Some handle the toughest towing tasks, while others mix power with luxury. Representing the highest tier of power and endurance are the Ford F-250 and GMC Sierra models.

  • Jeeps

Our stable of used Jeeps is defined by adventure. Symbolizing freedom and thrill, these rugged beauties effortlessly combine durability with comfort. Each ride in these vehicles turns into a memory worth cherishing, taking the very essence of exploration and embedding it into your personal history. Our Jeeps are cut out for those who dare to venture off the beaten path, answering the call of the wild.

  • SUVs

Designed with families in mind, our handpicked SUVs cover all aspects of comfort, space, and safety. Every trip transforms into a joy ride in these vehicles that exemplify our commitment to quality. From urban-friendly compact SUVs to roomier models for extensive journeys, our selection ensures customer satisfaction.

  • Cars

Our vast collection of used cars caters to individuals who value a blend of function and style. Aimed to deliver a memorable driving experience, every car in our range narrates its own story of splendor. Be it nifty compact cars for busy commutes or plush sedans for that extra touch of luxury, Cambridge Truck enhances your journey experience in Blacktop, Ohio.

Cambridge Truck: Why Choose Our Used Truck Dealership in Ohio?

At Cambridge Truck, fostering enduring relationships with our clients from Blacktop is paramount to us. Our reputation as a trusted used truck dealership is anchored in our foundation of happy, content, and loyal customers. Every step you take, from the moment you first set foot in our dealership to the second you drive off in your newly purchased used truck, is underpinned by our dedication to delivering service that surmounts your expectations.

Our appreciation for individual needs, personal preferences, and budget considerations is not lost on us. We strive continuously to make this understanding evident in every interaction we have with you. Here, you are much more than just a potential sale to us. We understand and deeply value the time and consideration you put into this decision. This respect for your commitment is reflected in our earnest effort to meet your distinct needs and requirements.

If you have further information about our dealership near Blacktop, feel free to contact us today.