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Closed. Opens Monday at 10:00 AM

Save 1 hour at the dealership

Apply for a car or truck loan online

Worried about your credit? Don’t be. We work with 40+ lenders and can guarantee your approval

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Get pre-approved and get a great rate on the perfect truck

A pre-approval puts money in your pocket. You know exactly how much cash the bank is willing to lend you. So instead of wasting time in the finance office, you can focus on getting the best deal on the truck you want.

Guaranteed approval

At Cambridge Truck, you won’t be turned down for financing. Period. We have relationships with 40+ lenders who compete to get you the best rate regardless of your credit history.

Now you know

Being pre-approved eliminates nasty surprises. When you already know your down payment, interest rate, and monthly payment, you don’t have to worry about any last-minute whammies. You’re always in control.

Get behind the wheel fast

When you get pre-approved, you’ve eliminated the unknown and are on the road for new adventures. With knowledge of your monthly payment, you can shop with confidence and ease.

Shop with confidence

A pre-approval is your golden ticket to a smoother, faster, better deal. You walk into the dealership like a cash buyer. There’s zero stress because you’re armed with all the information you need to get a great deal.

Your rate is ready already

Don’t miss out on that truck you’re looking at. At Cambridge Truck, we can approve you in less than 24 hours. Apply right now using the secure form above and find out ASAP how much you qualify for.

Won’t impact your credit score

A pre-approval is the best way to fully understand your truck-buying power. You’ll be able to see what you can afford without locking you into a purchase or affecting your credit score.

Financing FAQs

I’ve been turned down for a loan in the past. Can I still qualify?

Absolutely. In fact, we guarantee approval. That’s because we’ve built close relationships with 40+ banks and credit unions that specialize in truck loans for any type of credit history. We won’t turn you down because of a spotty credit report. We’ll work with you to secure the best rate possible on the truck you want.

Do you approve first-time buyers?

Yes! We have tons of first-time buyers that drive home happy. Even if you’ve never made a car payment in your life, we’ll get you approved. Our network of lenders offer special financing packages to first-timer buyers, students, and self-employed workers. Buying your first truck should be a fun, exciting experience. We won’t make you worry about the financing.

Does it take long to get pre-approved?

No. It’s super-fast. Every Cambridge Truck loan pre-approval application is expedited. If you fill out an application today, chances are good you’ll have an offer in 24 hours. Sometimes sooner.

I don’t have great credit. Won’t my monthly payments be really high?

Not necessarily. We work with 40+ lenders to give our customers all types of financing options. Plus, we take trade-in vehicles of all types which can boost your down payment and make you even more attractive to lenders.

Do I have to pay anything to get pre-approved?

No. This is a completely free service.