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Closed. Opens Monday at 10:00 AM

College Hill

Experience a supreme variety of pre-owned Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, RAM, and Toyota trucks at Cambridge Truck, the renowned used truck dealer near College Hill, Ohio. Cambridge Truck delivers exceptional value and friendly service to those seeking quality pre-owned trucks. Our seasoned team selectively curates the best-used vehicles to ensure excellent performance and sustainability. With Cambridge Truck, reliability is guaranteed.

About College Hill

College Hill, a charming neighborhood within Cincinnati, Ohio, stands as one of the city's 52 distinctive communities. Founded in 1813 and subsequently annexed in 1911, 1915, and 1923, College Hill exudes historical significance. This picturesque locale offers residents a beautiful place to call home, characterized by its historic charm and community appeal. With a rich tapestry of architecture and a blend of the old and new, College Hill captures the essence of Cincinnati's diverse neighborhoods, making it an appealing and livable area for those seeking a blend of history and modern comforts in their residential surroundings.

Are You Planning to Buy a Used Vehicle Near College Hill?

  • Gas Trucks

If you aim for lower upfront costs and simpler maintenance, gas trucks are ideal. At Cambridge Truck, we present a diverse range of used gas trucks from top manufacturers. Catering to fans of traditional gas-powered Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, RAM, and Toyota trucks, our selection exemplifies commitment to customer preference.

  • Diesel Trucks

For heavy hauling or towing needs, diesel engine trucks are a prime choice. Known for incredible power, fuel efficiency, and durability under strenuous loads and tough conditions, diesel trucks are the king of mileage. Explore our range of top-grade, pre-owned diesel trucks, meticulously inspected for superior performance at a price that's right.

  • Jeeps

Are you seeking a Jeep for thrilling escapades? At Cambridge Truck, we offer a diverse portfolio of resilient, pre-owned Jeeps, celebrated for their robustness and off-roading capacity. They provide more than just mobility - they guarantee an adventurous journey. Experience the off-roading excitement or simply upgrade your drive with our high-quality used Jeeps.

  • SUVs

If you require ample passenger and cargo room, we showcase a wide array of pre-owned SUVs. Renowned for their adaptability, our SUVs serve large families, travel buffs, and everyone in between. Cambridge Truck is home to SUVs from acclaimed makers like Ford, Chevrolet, GMC, and Toyota. Blending functionality and comfort, our SUVs meet your distinct needs at a pocket-friendly price.

  • Cars

For those seeking more compact, fuel-efficient options, we present a comprehensive collection of used cars. Ranging from compact sedans to cozy family vehicles, there's a perfect match for everyday commuting needs. Whether it's a dependable Toyota Corolla or a refined Chevrolet Malibu, Cambridge Truck never skimps on quality.

Cambridge Truck: Why Choose Our Used Truck Dealership in Ohio?

Opting for Cambridge Truck as your trustworthy dealership brings several unparalleled benefits. Quality leads our offering, manifest in both our meticulously chosen trucks, SUVs, Jeeps, and cars, and our superb customer service.

We appreciate the emotional and financial factors involved in buying a used vehicle and respond in kind. When you trust in our vehicles, we dedicate our time and expertise to you. Our skilled personnel assist you throughout, ensuring your final choice aligns perfectly with your needs.

Transparency defines Cambridge Truck, with competitive pricing devoid of hidden charges. Our esteemed team is always available to discuss finance plans best fitting your needs, turning used vehicle ownership into a smooth, delightful process.

If you need further information about our dealership near College Hill, feel free to contact us today.