Cambridge Truck
5640 Glenn Hwy, Cambridge, OH
(740) 498-0096
Closed. Opens Monday at 10:00 AM
Closed. Opens Monday at 10:00 AM


Nestled near Fairdale, Ohio, Cambridge Truck stands as a reliable automotive destination committed to serving the needs of the local community. As a trusted dealership, Cambridge Truck offers a diverse range of vehicles, ensuring residents in the Fairdale region find quality options that align with their preferences and requirements.

About Fairdale

Fairdale, located in the scenic landscapes of Eastern Ohio, forms the base of our operations. The dynamic community and sincere residents form an idyllic setting for Cambridge Truck. The town harmoniously blends simplicity with innovation, mirroring our mission to provide top-tier used trucks without entangling clients in complicated buying processes. Embodied in the resilient and resourceful spirit of Fairdale, we pledge to offer durable trucks and unrivaled service.

Are You Planning to Buy a Used Vehicle Near Fairdale?

  • Gas Trucks

Our collection of gas trucks showcases renowned manufacturers' prowess. Whether craving a beefy Ford vehicle or a sleek Toyota, our gas trucks assure a mix of long-lasting reliability, efficiency, and performance. Each vehicle goes through an exhaustive inspection, paving your way towards a dependable drive.

  • Diesel Trucks

From GMC and Chevrolet to RAM, we present diesel trucks that epitomize durability, endurance, and versatility. Ideal for intense hauling or seamless country cruising, our stylish yet rugged diesel trucks provide peace of mind. Undergoing meticulous inspection, Cambridge Truck promises a hearty companion for your professional or personal pursuits.

  • Jeeps

Here at Cambridge Truck, we grasp the enchanting spirit of independence that Jeeps embody. From conquering rough trails to smoothly sailing city highways, our used Jeeps incorporate a commendable mix of resilience and grace. Explore our broad range of used Jeeps; each scrutinized for quality to tailor an exceptional off-road experience for you.

  • SUVs

Are you looking to fuse comfort, safety, and spaciousness seamlessly in a vehicle? Our SUVs impeccably align with your expectations. Skillfully preserved and rigorously inspected, we present a catalog of trusted manufacturers' used SUVs, delivering the performance and room you desire. Ideal for joyous family outings or routine commuting, our collection aims to address distinct necessities with marked proficiency.

  • Cars

If an elegant sedan perfectly suited for your daily drive or a cozy hatchback for family getaways is your quest, Cambridge Truck is your destination. Our handpicked array of used cars, meticulously checked for quality, ensures a vehicle that encapsulates simplicity and long-lasting dependability.

Cambridge Truck: Why Choose Our Used Truck Dealership in Ohio?

Picking Cambridge Truck aligns with embracing premium quality, honesty, and a uniquely personalized buying journey. We take pride in our robust customer service, portraying our belief that every client is family.

  • Quality Assurance: We thoughtfully select and inspect our inventory. Every vehicle echoes our high standards, reflecting a promise of quality and performance.
  • Tailored Financing: We take the lead in offering customized financing options. With Cambridge Truck, securing your vehicle financing becomes a breeze. Our finance specialists simplify the intricate process, customizing plans that cater to your needs, ensuring a hassle-free, transparent buying experience.
  • Lifelong Support: Beyond sealing the sale, we extend an unwavering after-sale service. We believe in building lifelong connections with our customers, ensuring your satisfaction after the purchase. Our staff remains available to support you and address your concerns.

If you need further information about our dealership near Fairdale, feel free to contact us today.