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Closed. Opens Monday at 10:00 AM

Ridgewood Acres

Cambridge Truck is conveniently situated for easy access from Ridgewood Acres, Ohio. Explore an extensive collection of used Ford, GMC, Ram, Chevrolet, and Toyota trucks here at Cambridge Truck, the go-to source for high-quality vehicles in Ohio. We'll match you with the ideal truck to suit your needs.

About Ridgewood Acres

Ridgewood Acres, Guernsey County, Ohio, is an inviting fusion of small-town charm and natural beauty. This quaint community encapsulates rural Ohio living perfectly. Inhabitants - families and individuals alike, appreciate the tranquil suburban environment and its closeness to vibrant city life. Numerous amenities and services are readily accessible in Ridgewood Acres. This strategic location allows residents a smooth, efficient commute to nearby cities, ideal for those working in urban zones but seeking a peaceful domicile. Ridgewood Acres provides serene living against beautiful Ohio landscapes – a perfect fit for those desiring a balanced lifestyle combining tranquility and convenience.

Are You Planning to Buy a Used Vehicle Near Ridgewood Acres?

  • Gas Trucks

Gas trucks are reliable American road staples. They boast impressive payload capacities and versatile performance. At Cambridge Truck, our gas trucks embody American innovation and resilience. These well-maintained, serviced vehicles are road-ready.

  • Diesel Trucks

Diesel trucks are powerful and durable, perfect for heavy-duty tasks. If towing power and high torque output matter to you, our used diesel trucks won't disappoint. Our inventory meets strict quality standards, ensuring your chosen truck will withstand heavy use over time.

  • Jeeps

Craving outdoor excitement? Explore our assortment of used Jeeps. Adventure enthusiasts cherish these vehicles for their off-road prowess and unique, rugged aesthetics. Each Jeep in our lineup is carefully inspected, preparing you for bold explorations confidently.

  • SUVs

Seeking a family-friendly vehicle or a tall ride? A used SUV from our lot offers you comfort and roominess. SUVs, known for spacious interiors and all-climate capabilities, suit different lifestyles. As with our other options, each SUV listed meets stringent quality and performance metrics.

  • Cars

Cambridge Truck isn't just about trucks and SUVs. Our collection houses a variety of used cars. They provide practicality, efficiency, style, and comfort. Whether it's a sedan, compact car, or sports car, we have it all. Each vehicle is validated for its quality and dependability.

Cambridge Truck: Why Choose Our Used Truck Dealership in Ohio?

Cambridge Truck is built on trust, quality, and customer satisfaction. Our commitment extends beyond offering diverse used trucks, Jeeps, SUVs, and cars.

  • Expert Guidance: Outstanding customer service is our strength. Our expert team provides guidance and advice during your purchasing journey. We strive to make the vehicle-buying process smooth and pleasant through streamlined paperwork and explicit, fair dealings.
  • Rigorous Inspection: Quality assurance at Cambridge Truck is rigorous. Every vehicle undergoes an in-depth inspection process before it lands on our lot. You can rest assured every purchased truck, SUV, Jeep, or car will function as efficiently as when it was new.
  • Convenient Location: Lastly, our convenient location right close to Ridgewood Acres allows easy access for customers.

If you need further information about our dealership near Ridgewood Acres, feel free to contact us today.