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Closed. Opens Monday at 10:00 AM


Tyner, a gem in the heart of Ohio, sets the stage for a tranquil living experience. Known for its scenic beauty and community charm, Tyner becomes an ideal backdrop for Cambridge Truck's commitment to automotive excellence. As a reliable automotive destination, we at Cambridge Truck, conveniently located near Tyner, stand poised to cater to the unique vehicle needs of the community.

About Tyner

Tyner, Ohio, is centrally located in the Midwest. It's a scenic town known for its landscapes and dynamic character. Emulating this spirit, our business principles resonate with the town's unique charm. Tyner, Ohio, combines traditional charm with modern development.

Whether you seek a sturdy truck for rural landscapes or a sleek car for modern drives, our offerings cater to Tyner's diverse preferences.

Are You Planning to Buy a Used Vehicle Near Tyner?

  • Gas Trucks

We present a range of gas trucks, blending versatility, power, and economy. Ideal for those who value efficiency and power, these trucks are ready for daily use, business needs, or occasional towing. We ensure these trucks can be your reliable partners.

  • Diesel Trucks

Our diesel trucks cater to heavy-duty demands. These powerhouses can handle large loads and tough conditions. Offering high mileage and longevity, these trucks are a worthwhile investment for the long run.

  • Jeeps

For the adventurers, our selection of pre-owned Jeeps is perfect. The sturdy build quality and off-road capabilities of Jeeps provide unrivaled thrill and durability. Choose our Jeeps when adventure calls.

  • SUVs

If you need space, safety, and family-friendly features, our pre-owned SUVs are the answer. They provide comfortable seating and cargo spaces and prioritize safety. These SUVs blend practicality with luxury, meeting varied transportation needs.

  • Cars

Our used cars are perfect for those seeking compact, cost-effective, and city-friendly vehicles. Whether you're charmed by a sleek sedan or prefer an efficient hatchback, we cater to all. At Cambridge Truck, our aim is your total satisfaction. Find the perfect fit with us. 

Cambridge Truck: Why Choose Our Used Truck Dealership in Ohio?

Are you searching for a dependable used vehicle near Tyner? This task can be tough. The risks are considerable. It's not simply about the vehicle. It's also about the dealership. Cambridge Truck is the trusted name. We stand out in four main areas:

  • Wide Vehicle Selection: Our collection is diverse. We cater to Ford lovers, GMC fans, Chevrolet enthusiasts, RAM followers, and Toyota loyalists. We hold a vast inventory of used trucks. We offer myriad models and specs to meet all demands and tastes.
  • Reliable: The top worry with used vehicles is reliability. Cambridge Truck addresses this fear. Every truck undergoes thorough checks and upkeep before sale. We ensure all our trucks meet health standards before hitting the road again.
  • Excellent Customer Service: We sell trucks and foster relationships. Our supportive and skilled team helps you find the perfect truck, and our service continues even after you leave the lot. We're always available to guide and assist you.
  • Convenient Location: Our dealership is an accessible spot for customers from Tyner, Ohio. We're easy to reach, ensuring a smooth buying experience.

If you have further information about our dealership near Tyner, feel free to contact us today.