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Closed. Opens Monday at 10:00 AM


Find the best selection of Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, RAM, and Toyota used trucks at Cambridge Truck, located conveniently near Warrentown, Ohio. We boast an extensive range of top manufacturers' trucks in Ohio. Our location offers an unbeatable array of second-hand trucks in prime condition.

About Warrentown

Located in the heart of Jefferson County, Ohio, Warrenton stands as an unincorporated gem, offering a unique blend of historical charm and contemporary vibrancy. The landscape unfolds with gently rolling hills, adorned by meandering streams that weave through the community. Warrenton's residents, known for their friendly demeanor, embody a deep connection to the land, with many engaging in agriculture and embracing sustainable practices. Quaint cottages line the streets, each telling a story of the town's rich history. The communal spirit thrives in Warrenton, where locals gather for lively events and foster a warm, welcoming atmosphere against the backdrop of Ohio's scenic beauty.

Are You Planning to Buy a Used Vehicle Near Warrentown?

  • Gas Trucks

For a truck that balances power with economy, consider our impressive gas trucks. Models from Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, and RAM are recognized for their robust performance and fuel efficiency. They offer optimal mileage and torque. Cambridge Truck's used gas trucks successfully unite power and economy.

  • Diesel Trucks

In need of high towing power and unbeatable durability? Our diesel trucks from Chevy, RAM, and Toyota are bred for toughness. These trucks have exceptional fuel economy and durability, standing up to time and terrain. For businesses, professionals, and truck enthusiasts in Warrenton, Ohio, Cambridge Truck is the trusted source for burly diesel trucks.

  • Jeeps

Jeeps are symbols of freedom and adventure. Our used Jeeps are ideal for off-road enthusiasts. Known for resilience and all-terrain competence, these vehicles are perfect for the adventurous. Be it a robust Wrangler or a sophisticated Grand Cherokee, Cambridge Truck has all Jeep models.

  • SUVs

Our SUVs are great for families. With models from brands like GMC, Chevrolet, Ford, and Toyota, we cater to diverse needs. Travel around Warrenton and beyond Ohio stylishly and confidently. Our SUVs blend practicality and power, offering spacious interiors and ride quality.

  • Cars

Prefer a car? Cambridge Truck offers a range of used cars that offer style and efficiency. From fuel-efficient compact cars to performance cars, we stock renowned brands. Our used cars are more than just transport. They reflect our commitment to variety and quality.

Cambridge Truck: Why Choose Our Used Truck Dealership in Ohio?

Choosing a used car dealer near Warrentown can be hard, but we at Cambridge Truck aim to simplify it. Why should you choose us? Our commitment is to quality, satisfaction, and trust.

  • Brand Choice: We carry leading truck brands like Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, RAM, and Toyota. Chosen for their strength and durability, these brands confirm our dedication to high-quality standards.
  • Brand Assurance Advantage: Our excellent customer service team takes center stage at Cambridge Truck. They're not just experts - they're passionate about guiding you to your ideal truck. We strive to connect you with the perfect vehicle.
  • Strategic Location Accessibility: Location matters, too. Our strategic position in Warrenton, Ohio, makes us accessible to customers in Columbus, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and northern West Virginia. Our goal is to make your truck purchase convenient, no matter where you are.
  • Trustworthy Inspection Guarantee: Trust is our cornerstone. Each truck undergoes a thorough inspection before sale. Checking everything from engine health to paperwork, we ensure our trucks are in top condition.

If you have further information about our dealership near Warrenton, feel free to contact us today.